Beauty For Ashes Nepal is a gift items and accessories manufacturing company. We believe poverty is one of the main problems that fuels human trafficking in the world today. To combat this problem, we employ women who are marginalized and those escaping exploitative situations. Our goal is to not only produce stylish and quality wholesale products for you to enjoy, but also to change the lives of the women who make these products by providing a work environment that is Christ-centered and family-oriented. We do this in the following ways:



Living Wage
Each of our employees receives a salary which enables them to support their family with safe housing, healthy food, and transportation.

Medical Expense Reimbursement
Full-time employees are reimbursed for medical expenses they incur throughout the year. The funds can be used for the employee, their spouse, or their children.

Provident Fund
An additional 10% of each full-time employees' salary is put into a provident fund to help them save for retirement.

Daily Lunches
At Beauty For Ashes Nepal, we believe in taking care of our employees. Therefore, we provide lunches on a daily basis.

Local Sourcing
We believe in supporting local businesses. We source as many raw materials as possible from the local shops in Nepal.


Transition Home
It is our desire to see each woman living an independent life. Many of our employees have come through some sort of recovery process before starting work at Beauty For Ashes Nepal. However, we occasionally meet women who are in the midst of an unsafe situation. For these cases, we have a transition house for them to live in for the first 3-6 months of employment. During that time, they pay a small rental fee and are able to save enough money to move into their own homes.

Child Sponsorship
In Nepal, a significant portion of income is spent on a child's education. We developed a child sponsorship program to help fulfill our employees' dreams of providing a good education for their children. To find out how you can help, e-mail us at:

Community Outreach
It is our desire to see our employees grow into women who want to love and serve others. To set this example, our leadership is involved in local outreaches including a feeding program at a church called, The Banquet House, building relationships and praying with the poor, as well as ministry in the active "red light" areas. Many of our leaders also spearhead community service programs. 

Company Picnics
At least twice a year, we invite our employees and their families to a picnic. It's been a great way for everyone to relax, have fun, and build community.


Recycled Materials
Like our name, Beauty For Ashes is a theme that plays out even in the production of many of our goods. We love to use recycled materials that would otherwise be discarded. So far, we've been able to incorporate recycled saris, fabric scraps from tailors, and extra cuts of leather from shops. We have dreams of using other recycle-able materials like old tire tubes, glass bottles, and more to create something beautiful!


Prayer House
We've helped to establish a prayer house in a source area where girls have historically been trafficked from. Volunteers regularly serve at the prayer house magnifying God and praying for an end to the injustice of trafficking.

Daily Devotional Time
We start each day with worship and devotion. Our employees are taught through scripture about who God is, His love for them, and what it means to be a Christian. It's also a place for each woman to share any needs they have and to pray for each other.

Christian Discipleship
The managers at Beauty For Ashes Nepal are incredible leaders. Once a week, they meet together with leadership to grow in their faith. It's a time set aside to discuss any questions or personal difficulties, encourage one another, and to be prayed over. Through these times, it’s our desire to see them grow and to be equipped to disciple the women around them.

Counseling and Prayer
Our managers have the freedom to step aside with any employee looking for counseling or prayer during hours of operation.  Additionally, there are times when we send our employees to Nepali trained counselors for additional care.

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