Take a Tour

We appreciate the value of experiencing Beauty For Ashes Nepal first-hand and are happy to show you around the facilities and our showroom. However, as a business we must impose some restrictions as visits can be disruptive to production.

Visiting Hours:
We offer tours of the business on weekdays by appointment.

Please email us allowing for two business days response time to let us know you would like to come. We will do our best to arrange for someone to show you around. Sometimes we are unable to take visitors due to unforeseen circumstances.

email: beautyforashesnepal@gmail.com

Photo Policy:
To protect the women we have a policy which prohibits visitors from taking photos.

When visiting us in Nepal, please take note of our Visitor Agreement:

I understand that I am a guest of Beauty For Ashes Nepal, and all information related to the marketing, production, and manufacture of our products is the property of Beauty For Ashes Nepal. I agree to not use any information I obtain during my visit for personal use without permission.

I agree that I will not give personal gifts, monetary or otherwise, to any of the staff without permission from the Managing Director.

I agree to use discretion when talking about Beauty For Ashes Nepal and the women in any writing or speaking I may do as a result of my time in Nepal. I agree to not mention the specific location of Beauty For Ashes Nepal in any public forums (facebook, blogs, etc.). I agree to not mention the full name of any staff member and will use a fake name for any staff person I may describe when sharing any personal stories I may have heard as a result of my time there. I understand that I may not ask women their personal stories.

I understand that as a guest, I will not be allowed to take photos without permission. 

Dress Code
Women - Pants: jeans, casual pants, salwar pants, capri pants, long skirts. Please do not wear ripped jeans, shorts or short skirts. Tops: Long tops or Kurtas (local long tops), that cover the bum and hips. Regular length tops/tees: acceptable only when worn with baggy pants. Avoid low cut tops or tops that show your chest when bending over. Do not wear any clothes with offensive logos.

Men - Long Pants: khakis, casual pants, jeans. Collared Shirts or clean T-shirts: logos must be respectful. 

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