After her husband left her with two small kids to take care of, Shona started working at a dance bar in Kathmandu. Shona was desperate to take care of her children and had very little hope of finding another job when she met a Christian Nepali girl who told her about Beauty For Ashes Nepal. She knew how to sew a little and even though we could not match her former salary, she was relieved to find a job that not only met her immediate needs but welcomed her into a family.

Shona was a strict Hindu and desperately desired her husband to return to her. She decided to go on a Hindu fast every Thursday for a month to pray for her husband’s return. It was during the prayer and fasting that Jesus started appearing to her and her life was radically changed. Her relationship with her husband was also restored.  

Today, she is an accomplished artisan and enjoys learning English. She loves working at Beauty For Ashes Nepal, because it’s a place where she feels happy and knows that she is surrounded by women who have become her family. She used to worry about how she would take care of herself and her family, but now she has a good job that provides for her kids to go to school. She trusts that God will continue to take care of her needs. She doesn’t even recognize the person she was before she came to work for Beauty For Ashes Nepal. Her dream is that she would be able to help other women like herself.


Amara was the first girl hired by Beauty For Ashes Nepal who knew how to sew. Amara was a second wife and newly married. When she was 16, her aunt and uncle gave her to her husband with the condition that he would take care of her and her younger brothers. After two years of marriage, her husband left her and her two brothers to return to his first wife and children in the village. He had left her with some money. When it ran out, she wasn’t sure what she would do. She returned to her aunt and uncles’ house who immediately blamed her for her situation. They told her she needed to get a job to take care of her two brothers. She tried working at a dance bar for a short time. When they asked her to do more than dance so, she quit. Through some friends, she took a training course in sewing and learned about an opportunity to come work for Beauty For Ashes Nepal.

When she came to Beauty For Ashes Nepal, we asked what she would like to see happen within the next ten years of her life. She replied that she just wanted to be independent and be able to send her two brothers to school. It took less than five years to reach that goal. She and her husband have a restored relationship. After two years of praying with them for a baby, they gave birth to a beautiful son. Amara says that if she could have gotten more of an education, she would have wanted to be a lawyer. However, in her current situation, she says that her dream job is exactly the one she has. She is a fantastic seamstress and loves being able to work with some of her best friends. She feels truly blessed in her life through working at Beauty For Ashes Nepal. She now understands what a family is supposed to look like.


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