If you're looking for ways to market products made by Beauty For Ashes Nepal, please e-mail us at hello@beautyforashesnepal.com for access to our Dropbox.

We know that you support the women who made the products, so we'd like to help you with what we've learned makes these precious ladies feel loved and valued...and what doesn't. Out of respect for our amazing employees, there are some things you should keep in mind when developing any marketing plans.

These ladies are free, independent and hard-working, and should be seen in this light. They are not at all defined or restricted by their pasts and live life based on who they are now. When referring to any of our employees, do not use words that label them or cause people to think of them as anything different than who they are now.

We recognize the extreme value in sharing the truth about the injustices around the world and believe it's an important part of the process of change. So, when describing the problems and situations that still exist, we've found that its good to use phrases like "victims of trafficking or exploitation, women at-risk/vulnerable, women in at-risk/vulnerable situations". However, it's not okay to use words like prostitute or brothel.

We hope this helps grasp the heart behind proper advertisement. We're so thankful for your partnership, and we want to see you create successful marketing pieces! If ever you question the way something has been phrased, please e-mail us at hello@beautyforashesnepal.com. We're happy to read over anything you've written!


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