You can make a difference!

Interested in offering your skills and valuable time? We would love to have you join us in a tangible way. We welcome volunteers who have big hearts for the women of Nepal to serve with us on a short-term or long-term basis. We are looking for creative people to assist with design and photography, as well as administrators, discipleship coordinators, writers, accountants, and world changers!

Short-term Opportunities

Join us for a 1+ month long immersion experience at our faith-based Nepal office. No specific skill set required – just come ready to help and be available to assist with any of our daily needs/tasks. This could include things such as counting beads, photography, modeling, excel spreadsheets, and loving on the women.

Long-term Opportunities

We welcome all those who are willing to help on a long-term basis.  The following are positions we are looking to fill on a volunteer basis. They require a full-time commitment (40 hours/week) for a minimum of one year.

Business Consultant
Logistics Manager
Product Design Manager
Communications and Marketing Manager
Product Development
Program Manager
Writers and Photographers
Volunteer Coordinator

For more details on each of these positions please contact beautyforashesnepal@gmail.comIf you are interested in serving with us, please fill out the volunteer application form below and be sure to include if there is a specific position you are interested in.

 "My time here this week has been wonderful. I really had no idea what we would be doing but I definitely did not expect to be designing jewelry on day one! I had a blast doing that. Even organizing beads and jewelry was a lot of fun. The whole atmosphere here is so light and refreshing. This week has been so restful but also so productive and that's all because of the atmosphere. Thank you so much for letting us work with you this week!" - Lindsey
 "Our time here has been amazing. When I walk in this place I just feel so much peace, unlike I have felt anywhere else here in Nepal. I had so much fun helping out in whatever way we could and definitely will have to come back some day. I love what God is doing here through this organization and through you ladies!" - Jess 
 "I loved my time here! The work was fun and kept us busy. Your whole team was very welcoming and helpful in answering all our questions. Your products are awesome and we loved photographing and modeling them. This has definitely been one of our favorite ministries as a team, so thank you for that!" - YWAM team 
 "I really loved my time at Beauty For Ashes Nepal! During my outreach time I have been praying that God will show me what's next for me and I really feel like I should work with victims of sex trafficking. My time here with Beauty For Ashes Nepal really stirred my heart and I would love to come back and intern in the future! I so believe in what this ministry is doing and I will continue to pray over all of you. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity to partner with all of you! I hope to come again soon!" - Corinna  
 "I loved Beauty For Ashes Nepal, what an amazing ministry! The staff are super caring and kind and their passion spread into my heart. At the end of our time here, my heart was expanded for women's ministry. It's like a quiet meek but profound spirit in this place. There's a lot of love." - Natalie 


Volunteer/Intern Application

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