We'd love to help you promote your organization through co-branding. We will add your name and logo on a tag that says "Freedom Product Made by Beauty For Ashes Nepal" and include it on each piece. For more information on this process, e-mail us at beautyforashesnepal@gmail.com


Custom Design

Looking for a specific product? Our designers are available to work with you on a custom design.

What you can expect from us:
1. Unique, one-of-a-kind design
2. Exclusive rights to this design for 6 months
3. Conversation with our designers to ensure that your ideas are understood

What we need from you:
1. Design fee - Up to $75 depending on raw materials used and their availability
2. Minimum order of 50 pieces
3. Your design ideas!

Start the process by filling out the custom design form. Once we've reviewed your completed design form, we'll contact you with our ideas and information regarding design fees and timelines.

Due to the availability of raw materials please review and approve custom designs in a timely manner as we cannot guarantee the availability of the materials used. 


If you wanna add suggested retail price