Sari Scrunchie

J-0013 Materials: Re-purposed sari fabrics Elastic   Dimensions: 7.5" long x 1" wide


Sari Hair Ribbon

SALE!! WAS $3.90, NOW $2.75!! J-0030  Materials: Re-purposed sari fabric Dimensions: 45" long x 3" wide


Carry It All Tote

J-0045-01, J-0045-02 Materials:Re-purposed sari fabric Canvas Fabric Dimensions:Bag: 16" deep x 19½" long x 6"wideStrap: 30"  


Wire Wrap Sari Headband

J-0012 Materials: Re-purposed sari fabrics Wire   Dimensions: 32" long x 2" wide


Sari Headband

J-0011 Materials: Re-purposed sari fabrics Elastic   Dimensions:22" circumference x 2" wide


Long Sari Kimono

J-0024 Materials:  Re-purposed sari fabric Dimensions: 44.5" long x 50.5" wideSleeve: 12" long x 9" wide


Sari Purse

SALE!!! - WAS $7.00, NOW $4.50!!! J-0019 Materials:  Re-purposed sari fabric Nylon lining Magnetic snap Metal zipper  Dimensions: Purse: 10” long x 7.5” wideFlap: 7.5" long x 7.5" wideStrap: 54" long x 1" wide


Sari Infinity Scarf

J-0018 WAS! $3.25 NOW! $2.00 Materials: Re-purposed sari fabric Dimensions: 36” long x 10.5” wide 


Makeup Bag

J-0002-01J-0002-02 Materials: Re-purposed sari fabric Nylon lining Zipper  Dimensions:  Square: 7" long x 6.5" wideRectangle: 8.5" long x 4.5" wide

from $4.50

Small Coin Purse

J-0001 Materials: Re-purposed sari fabric Zipper  Dimensions: 4” long x 3.5" wide x 6.5" zipper


Sari Swim Suit Coverup

SALE!! WAS $9.25, NOW $8.50!! J-0026 Materials:  Re-purposed sari fabric  Dimensions: 32" long x 72" wide


Short Sari Kimono

J-0023 Materials:  Re-purposed sari fabric Dimensions:30" long x 60" widthSleeve: 16.5" long x 11" width


Sari Grocery Bag

J-0020This bag has a simple, yet extremely durable design. You would be surprised by how much you can fit inside! Materials:  Re-purposed sari fabric  Dimensions:  Bag: 18” long x 17” wide Strap: 28” long x 1" wide


Lanyard Wristlet

J-0016 Materials: Re-purposed sari fabricLeather Metal hook Dimensions: 6" long x 1" wide


Jewelry Travel Case

J-0003 Materials: Re-purposed sari fabric  Coconut shell button Zipper    Dimensions: Open - 12.5” long x 7.5” wideClosed - 4.5”long x 7.5" wide


Bow Tie

J-0021 Materials:  Re-purposed sari fabric Metal Clip   Dimensions: Bow: 4" long x 2" wideNeck: Adjustable up to 21" long 


Sari Lanyard

J-0017 Materials: Re-purposed sari fabricLeather Metal hook Dimensions: 17" long  x 1" wide 


O Christmas Tree

J-0037Swinging from a tree branch, a lovely adornment, hand-made in Nepal, a Christmas tree ornament, love sewn in every stitch, tied up with twine, with celebrations in mind.  MaterialsAssorted Recycled Sari FabricTwineNylon Lining Dimensions9" X 5.5"


Lily Scrunchie

J-0041 Materials:Re-purposed sari fabricElastic Dimensions:Scrunchie- 7.5" long x 1" wideRibbon- 15" long x 2" wide 


Poppy Scrunchie

J-0040 Materials:Recycled SariElastic Dimensions:Scrunchie- 7½" long x 1" wideRibbon- 7½" long x 1½" wide


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