One World Bracelet

BM-0239b Materials:Brown leather Brass cut metalBrass snaps Dimensions:8.5" long


Globe Keychain

DM-0009a Materials:Silver-colored chainSilver-colored Globe pendant Dimensions:1¼ in dimension on the globe pendant  2 ⅝ in length   


Rainbow Necklace

AM-0438a AM-0438b Materials: Silver-colored chainSilver-colored rainbow pendant  Brass-colored chainBrass-colored rainbow pendant Dimensions:18" long + 2'' extension


Lovely Lily Stud

CM-0274b Materials:  Brass-colored flowerBrass-colored metal post Rubber backing Dimensions: 5/8" long


Olive Leaf Stud

CM-0276b Materials: Brass-colored leafBrass-colored metal postRubber backing Dimensions:1/2" long


In The Vineyard Earrings

CM-0277b Materials:Brass colored cut metal Brass colored jump rings Brass colored post Rubber backing Dimensions:1.5" Long


Mama Necklace

AM-0437a AM-0437b Materials: Silver-colored chainSilver-colored  "Mama" pendant Brass-colored chainBrass-colored  "Mama" pendant Dimensions:18" long + 2'' extension


Chai Time Drink Coasters

J-0044Set of four recycled sari drink coaster crafted by hand. A fun and functional accent to add a pop of boho to your living room. Created ethically from recycled sari material and empowers artisans. Materials:Re-purposed sari fabrics  Dimensions:4" Diameter1 ¼" Tassel


Let's Be Adventurers Globe Necklace

AM-0430aAM-0430b Materials:Silver-colored chainSilver-colored globe pendant Brass-colored chainBrass-colored globe pendant Dimensions:18" long + 2'' extension


Lilies of the Valley Hoops

CM-0275b Materials:  Brass-colored carved metalBrass-colored metal post  Dimensions: 1 5/8" long1 1/2" wide  


Travel-Size Grocery Bags

J-0054This bag has a simple, yet extremely durable design. You would be surprised by how much you can fit inside and how small it will get, so that it can easily fit inside your purse.  Materials:  Re-purposed sari fabric  Dimensions: Bag: 18” long x 17” wide Strap: 28” long x 1" wideStuff Bag: 7" long...


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