Lily Scrunchie

J-0041 Materials:Re-purposed sari fabricElastic Dimensions:Scrunchie- 7.5" long x 1" wideRibbon- 7.5" long x 2" wide 


Daisy Scrunchie

J-0039  Materials:Recycled SariElastic Dimensions:Scrunchie- 7.5" long x 1" wideRibbon- 17" long x 12" wide


Poppy Scrunchie

J-0040 Materials:Recycled SariElastic Dimensions:Scrunchie- 7½" long x 1" wideRibbon- 7½" long x 1½" wide


Full of Wonder

CM-0265You were made for child-like wonder. These earrings will be this year's holiday favorite.  Materials:Brass hammered metalWhite seed beads Brass metal post Rubber backing Dimensions: 2" long


Simple Truth Earrings

C-0267aC-0267b Materials:Silver colored hookSilver colored chainLilac, charcoal, white, and silver seed beadsBrass colored hookBrass colored chainCoral, turquoise, white, and brass seed beads Dimensions: 3" long


The Joy Necklace

AM-0420ae AM-0420be Materials: Silver-colored chainSilver-colored circle pendant with "Joy" etching Brass-colored chainBrass-colored circle pendant with "Joy" etching Dimensions: 18" long + 2'' extension



The chains of fear fell to her feet and she began to rise. A shift in your identity changes everything. Fear holds you back from becoming the bold and courageous person you were created to be. Draw from the stream of God’s love and be empowered like never before! C-0268...



The ground shook but she stood perfectly still.  You are His and He is yours. So, no matter how big the earthquake, you can and will stand tall if you’re willing to dig out the cracked foundation and solidify it with His truth. A-0426 Materials:Cotton stringSandalwood beadsBrass beads Dimensions:28" long ...



She knew she found her people when she finally felt at home and suddenly her purpose was abundantly clear. Heavenly people feel like home because heaven is home. When you find the community you were made for, it alters the trajectory of your life and thrusts you into your God-given...


New Life Earrings

She was made new! Nothing, literally nothing, is beyond the redemptive plan of God. He springs up new life out of the ashes until the ashes are long forgotten. The old has gone, the new has come. CM-0266a CM-0266b Materials:Silver colored leafSilver colored metal postRubber backing Brass colored leafBrass colored...


New Life Necklace

She was made new! Nothing, literally nothing, is beyond the redemptive plan of God. He springs up new life out of the ashes until the ashes are long forgotten. The old has gone, the new has come. AM-0425a AM-0425b Materials:Silver colored chainSilver colored leaf pendant  Brass colored chainBrass colored leaf pendant  Dimensions:18" long...


Courage Rising

B-0225This elegant, turquoise-wrap bracelet closes with a Nepali bead. We believe courage is rising in you, and our belief and prayer is that courage is rising in this nation too! Courage to stand for what is right and fight for justice even in difficult circumstances. Materials:Brown bone beadBrown leather stringGold...


Cascading Strength

C-0242These dangly turquoise earrings represent strength. Your strength is not just built on one moment but on many moments of courage! You choose faith and stand strong when a giant comes your way. You are a well of peace and cascade strength that others draw from. Materials:Gold colored chainGold plated...


The Might of David

A-0396When David went to face Goliath, he plucked 5 stones from a river and carried a slingshot as his weapon of choice. With one stone and steadfast trust in God, David brought the giant down and set the Israelites free from their fear of the Philistines. David only needed one...


Long Awaited Triumph

A-0397This long necklace fixed with a large, natural turquoise stone represents the prayers and promises you have stood on for many years. Sometimes victory comes quickly; other times we pray and believe for our promises long before they arrive. We believe there is momentum in this season to see these...


Redeeming Rains

C-0264b-01C-0264b-02C-0264b-03 Materials:Gold colored chainGold plated stainless steel hooksMatte glass seed beads Gold colored pin Dimensions: 3" long


Sari Hair Ribbon

J-0030  Materials: Re-purposed sari fabric Dimensions: 45" long x 3" wide


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