Patchwork Christmas

S0038Patchwork Christmas, pieces woven together of special family holidays, traditions we create, that remind us of home, love, those who care, and all the memories we share. Materials:Assorted recycled sari fabricTwinePolyester stuffing Dimensions: 5½” long x 4” wide with 6” twine loop


Ringing in the New Year Necklace

A0413a A0413b A shining bell filled with excitement knowing his assignment to ring in new beginnings and bring us each cheer as we steer toward a new year.  Materials: Silver colored chain Silver colored "stacked triangles" pendant Brass colored chain Brass colored "stacked triangles" pendant  Dimensions:20" long + 2" extension


Ringing in the New Year Earrings

C0262aC0262bA shining bell filled with excitement knowing his assignment to ring in new beginnings and bring us each cheer as we steer toward a new year. Materials: Silver colored triangleSilver colored metal postRubber backingBrass colored triangleBrass colored metal postRubber backingDimensions:1½” long


Star of Bethlehem Studs

C0263a C0263bStar shining in the night declaring a little King's new light, wise men and shepherds come to witness, Emmanuel, God is with us.  Materials: Silver colored starSilver colored metal postRubber backing Brass colored starBrass colored metal postRubber backing Dimensions:½" long


Sing Noel

A0412a A0412bFamily gathered to sing noel. The music began to swell, rejoicing filled the air as music notes were played with care. A song rung out,"Noel, noel, a Savior is born." And a special necklace was worn--a piece of these carols to remember the one God gave--the One who came to save.  Materials: Silver colored...


O Christmas Tree

S0020Swinging from a tree branch, a lovely adornment, hand-made in Nepal, a Christmas tree ornament, love sewn in every stitch, tied up with twine, with celebrations in mind.  MaterialsAssorted Recycled Sari FabricTwineNylon Lining Dimensions9" X 5.5"


A Warm Welcome

S0036A handmade wreath hung with delight to welcome in friends and strangers alike. A warm reminder there is love to share and behind this door is someone who cares. Materials:Assorted recycled sari fabricWire Dimensions: 14" long x 14" wide


Redemption Earrings

C0260a C0260b Materials: Silver colored crossSilver colored metal post Rubber backing Brass colored crossBrass colored metal post Rubber backing Dimensions:¾" long


Esther's Elegance

B0219a B0219b B0219c Materials: Memory wire Silver seed beadsGold seed beadsStainless seed beads  Dimensions: 7" adjustable


Perfectly Paired

A0408cNew Design! Perfectly Paired is now available on a 28" chain. This design will add a fun texture to any outfit with it's gold and silver hammered circle pennant!  Materials: Silver colored chainSilver colored "hammered circle" pendantBrass colored "hammered circle" pendant Dimensions: 28" long + 2" extension


Essential Oil Case

F0026 Materials:  Re-purposed sari fabrics Nylon LiningGlass beads  Dimensions: case: 15" long x 8” widepockets: 2.5" long x 2" wide  


Insert Goodies Here

S0013Colorful stockings sewn with care, hung by the fire, a reminder to share that we have so much to be thankful for and many blessings still in store.  Materials: Assorted repurposed sari fabric Cotton lining  Dimensions:  16" x 11"


Ravished By Design

A0302 Materials: Gold colored chain Gold colored wireTurquoise beadsGlass beads  Dimensions: 30" long + 2" extension


Makeup Bag

F0002aF0002b Materials: Re-purposed sari fabric Nylon lining Zipper  Dimensions:  Square: 7" long x 6.5" wideRectangle: 8.5" long x 4.5" wide


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