Chai Time Drink Coasters

J-0044Set of four recycled sari drink coaster crafted by hand. A fun and functional accent to add a pop of boho to your living room. Created ethically from recycled sari material and empowers artisans. Materials:Re-purposed sari fabrics  Dimensions:4" Diameter1 ¼" Tassel


Lily Scrunchie

J-0041 Materials:Re-purposed sari fabricElastic Dimensions:Scrunchie- 7.5" long x 1" wideRibbon- 7.5" long x 2" wide 


Daisy Scrunchie

J-0039  Materials:Recycled SariElastic Dimensions:Scrunchie- 7.5" long x 1" wideRibbon- 17" long x 12" wide


Poppy Scrunchie

J-0040 Materials:Recycled SariElastic Dimensions:Scrunchie- 7½" long x 1" wideRibbon- 7½" long x 1½" wide


Full of Wonder

CM-0265You were made for child-like wonder. These earrings will be this year's holiday favorite.  Materials:Brass hammered metalWhite seed beads Brass metal post Rubber backing Dimensions: 2" long


The Joy Necklace

AM-0420ae AM-0420be Materials: Silver-colored chainSilver-colored circle pendant with "Joy" etching Brass-colored chainBrass-colored circle pendant with "Joy" etching Dimensions: 18" long + 2'' extension


Redeeming Rains

C-0264b-01C-0264b-02C-0264b-03 Materials:Gold colored chainGold plated stainless steel hooksMatte glass seed beads Gold colored pin Dimensions: 3" long


Sari Hair Ribbon

J-0030  Materials: Re-purposed sari fabric Dimensions: 45" long x 3" wide


Cozy Christmas Stocking

J-0042-01 RedJ-00420-02 Green Materials:Canvas FabricWool Yarn  Dimensions:18" Long14" Wide10" Long Pom Poms


Let's Be Adventurers Globe Necklace

AM-0430aAM-0430b Materials:Silver-colored chainSilver-colored globe pendant Brass-colored chainBrass-colored globe pendant Dimensions:18" long + 2'' extension


Travel-Size Grocery Bags

J-0054This bag has a simple, yet extremely durable design. You would be surprised by how much you can fit inside and how small it will get, so that it can easily fit inside your purse.  Materials:  Re-purposed sari fabric  Dimensions: Bag: 18” long x 17” wide Strap: 28” long x 1" wideStuff Bag: 7" long...


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