Covered Journal

J-0004 Materials:Nepali handmade lokta paper Assorted cotton fabric Coconut shell button  Dimensions:6" long x 4½” wide


Perfectly Pleated Apron

J-0008 Materials:  Assorted cotton fabricsCoconut shell buttonsDimensions: 30" long x 10" top x 33" skirt


Merry and Bright Christmas Tree Ornaments

J-0043-01 RedJ-0043-02 GreenA set of 2 Christmas tree ornaments in either red or green to add a warm and rustic feeling to your evergreen tree this year!  Materials:Canvas FabricTwine String Dimensions:5" long x 4” wide3" long string


Chai Time Drink Coasters

J-0044Set of four recycled sari drink coaster crafted by hand. A fun and functional accent to add a pop of boho to your living room. Created ethically from recycled sari material and empowers artisans. Materials:Re-purposed sari fabrics  Dimensions:4" Diameter1 ¼" Tassel


Snowy Mountain Christmas Ornament

DM-0001bHand-cut brass mountain ornament. Materials:BrassTwine Dimensions:3 ¾" Wide2 ¼" Long5" Long Twine


Adjustable Mask

J-00047Our mask has 3 layers to help keep you safe. One layer of rayon for a soft touch near your face, 100% cotton in the middle, and patterned cotton on the outside to add a little style!  Materials: Assorted cotton prints Rayon  Dimensions: Women's- Mask: 7.5" by 5.5" Straps: 7"Children's- Mask 6.5" by 5"...


Travel-Size Grocery Bags

J-0054This bag has a simple, yet extremely durable design. You would be surprised by how much you can fit inside and how small it will get, so that it can easily fit inside your purse.  Materials:  Re-purposed sari fabric  Dimensions: Bag: 18” long x 17” wide Strap: 28” long x 1" wideStuff Bag: 7" long...


Joy Sign

DM-0017b Materials:Mango wood and cut bass  Dimensions:6" long 5¾" tall  


Let's Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!

DM-0016b Materials:Mango wood and cut bass  Dimensions:8" long 7" tall  


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