In The Vineyard Earrings

CM-0277b Materials:Brass colored cut metal Brass colored jump rings Brass colored post Rubber backing Dimensions:1.5" Long


Olive Leaf Stud

CM-0276b Materials: Brass-colored leafBrass-colored metal postRubber backing Dimensions:1/2" long


Lilies of the Valley Hoops

CM-0275b Materials:  Brass-colored carved metalBrass-colored metal post  Dimensions: 1 5/8" long1 1/2" wide  


Lovely Lily Stud

CM-0274b Materials:  Brass-colored flowerBrass-colored metal post Rubber backing Dimensions: 5/8" long


Ellie Earrings

CM-0237a CM-0237b Materials: Silver-colored elephantSilver-colored metal post Rubber backing Brass-colored elephantBrass-colored metal post Rubber backing Dimensions:½" long


Star of Bethlehem Studs

CM-0263a CM-0263bStar shining in the night declaring a little King's new light, wise men and shepherds come to witness, Emmanuel, God is with us.  WAS! $5.75 NOW! $4.50 Materials: Silver colored starSilver colored metal postRubber backing Brass colored starBrass colored metal postRubber backing Dimensions:½" long


Ringing in the New Year Earrings

CM-0262aCM-0262b WAS! $6.25 NOW! $5.50Materials: Silver-colored triangleSilver-colored metal postRubber backingBrass-colored triangleBrass-colored metal postRubber backingDimensions:1½” long


Luna Earrings

SALE!! WAS $5.25, NOW $3.50!! CM-0233a CM-0233bMaterials: Silver-colored stamped metal circlesSilver-colored metal hooks Brass-colored stamped metal circlesBrass-colored metal hooks  Dimensions: 1½" long



SALE!! WAS $5.25, NOW $3.50!! CM-0235a CM-0235b Materials: Silver-colored bar Silver-colored metal post Rubber backing Brass-colored barBrass-colored metal post Rubber backing Dimensions:¾" long



CM-0234a CM-0234b Materials: Silver-colored triangleSilver-colored metal postRubber backing Brass-colored triangleBrass-colored metal postRubber backing Dimensions:¼" long  


Redeeming Rains

C-0264b-01C-0264b-02C-0264b-03 Materials:Gold colored chainGold plated stainless steel hooksMatte glass seed beads Gold colored pin Dimensions: 3" long


Full of Wonder

CM-0265You were made for child-like wonder. These earrings will be this year's holiday favorite.  Materials:Brass hammered metalWhite seed beads Brass metal post Rubber backing Dimensions: 2" long


Redemption Earrings

CM-0260a CM-0260b Materials: Silver-colored crossSilver-colored metal post Rubber backing Brass-colored crossBrass-colored metal post Rubber backing Dimensions:¾" long


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